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speeches the great poet Iqbal

Allama Iqbal was not only a great poet but also a great thinker,Philosopher, and political leader. Iqbal is said to be the first man who gave the idea of Pakistan.He was well-vershed in philosphy, both Eastern and Western. His poems too expressed this idea in a very forceful way. He put a new life into the youth of his nation and looked forward to new era of freedom and achievements.
 Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, A Philosopher Poet, A Genius Linguist, A Man of Foresight, A Man of Strong Faith in All Mighty God, A Man of Peace and Unity, A Man of Justice and Equality, A Man of Love and Humility, A Man of Wisdom and above all, The Artist of First Ever Islamic Republic, which got freedom in name of Islam.
Allama Iqbal was a great Philosopher-Poet of Asia. As a matter of fact he deserves this title.He is one of most outstanding poets, writers, intellectuals and thinkers of modem times.When he began to write poetry, Islam was passing through a critical phase. In india the Muslims were being rapidly dominated by Hindus. He placed before people his philosophy of self-realization. His poetry is full of force and enthusiasm.
The important role that Iqbal played in the political life of the subcontinent, especially as architect of Pakistan, will be appreciated from the following message Quaid-i-Aazam Muhammad Ali Jinnah sent to his son:
"To me he was a friend, guide and philosopher, and during the darkest moments through which the Muslim League had to go he stood like a rock, and never flinched one single moment."
He was elected Member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly.In 1930 Iqbal was elected President of the Muslim League session held at Allahabad.In 1931 he attended the Round Table Conference which met in London to frame a constitution for India and took active Part in its various committees.He was the first to give a concrete shape to the Muslim aspirations in India for a separate homeland.
 ” The Muslims wish to lead a life of freedom and honour. They want to live as a nation and this can be achieved if they have a separate Islamic state”. (Two nation theory, 1930)
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, A Man who loved his people, who was not like ordinary leaders, who was not power or fame hungry, found out the right person for administration and management for Independent Muslim State Resolution and handed over all authorities of All India Muslim League to him. This dynamic and bright leader of Indian Muslims was the famous Barrister Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal kept on playing his role after handing over affairs to Mr. Jinnah. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal kept on reminding the principles and keys of success to Mr. Jinnah:

Nigah buland,sukhan dil’nawaz,jaan pur’soz
Yehi hai rakht-e-safar meer-e-karwan k liye

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, The Originator of Two Nation Theory on the basis of which, a free
Independent Muslim State Pakistan was created on August 14th, 1947, passed away before Pakistan's emergence on the globe and never had an opportunity to watching his dream coming true. But Pakistan, which is 60 years old now by the grace of Allah Almighty, stood up in August 1947 as per dreams and desires of it's great architect:

Who shamma bujh gaee magar us k farogh se
Qandeel-e-arzoo hai farozaan usi terha
Lahore is that City of Pakistan, which is given this honour of being the final residence of the great Philosopher Poet Dr. Muhammad Iqbal .
In March 1938, Allama Iqbal fell ill very seriously. Despite the best medical help and the most careful nursing, the poet-philosopher of Islam died in the early hours of
21st April, 1938.
Aasma teri lahed per shabnum afshaani karey
Sabza-e-norasta iss ghar ki nigehbani karey

His poetry was so popular especially among the youth that nearly every student had memorized some of his verses. As a matter of fact Allama Iqbal inspired Muslim youth and students of colleges who played an important role in
Pakistan movement.
"After me they will read my poetry, grasp it and say,
A self-conscious man has revolutionised the world.”

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Allama Iqbal was a very good motivator a nice personality and he played vital role in the struggle of freedom. He gave the idea of a saperate country to the Muslims.

Allama Iqbal Essay in English

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